Lucia Aerial Performing Arts offers beginning through advanced instruction in Aerial Silks (Tissu), Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Trapeze (Static and single-point Dance Trapeze), Aerial Rope (Corde Lisse), Hammock and other custom apparatuses. In addition, we also offer Aerial Conditioning/Fitness classes, Handstand & Handbalancing, Contortion & Deep Stretching, and other workshops throughout the year.




Lucia Aerial's mission is to provide aerial and acrobatic instruction that will further athletic performing arts development in the greater Kansas City area. Our goal is to foster the incubation and maturation of our students within the performing arts alongside with their athletic ability and emotional/personal development. We aim to provide an exciting atmosphere for physical fitness and kinetic artistic endeavors to all age ranges. We strongly value teaching children and adults the importance of the arts for self-expression, esteem building and individuality. We seek to create an environment where individuals and groups work towards accomplishing their own physical, emotional, and artistic goals.





 Interested in having aerial entertainment at your next event? We have a wide variety of options and we love trying new stuff! Let us know a little bit about your event, the space, and the number of attendees and we will work with you to provide a truly enchanting performance for you and your guests.


Please send an email to  OR call Daniel at (816) 721-5095.